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Membership Categories

The Ionian Society invites membership worldwide:

 Ordinary Members

        Eligible for Ordinary Membership are all persons over 18 years of age whose traceable origins are from the Ionian Islands.

 Associate Members

        Eligible for Associate Membership are all persons over 18 years of age irrespective of ethnic origin who wish to join the Society and share in its activities.

 Honorary Members

        Eligible for Honorary Membership are persons who are making or have made an outstanding contribution to the Society's work or have some other appropriate relevant distinction.

 Overseas Members

        Overseas Members may be persons who do not reside in the United Kingdom but are eligible for either Ordinary or Associate Membership.

 Corporate Members

        Greek, British or other institutions whether active in the United Kingdom, Greece or elsewhere whose activities are compatible with the Aims and Objectives of the Ionian Society and may therefore be of benefit to the Society, are eligible to join or may be invited to join as Corporate Members.

Ordinary Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members may be elected to the Executive Committee of the Society.

Annual Membership Fee

 Single Membership in the Ionian Society

      •  For anyone applying alone: GBP £20 annually.

 Dual Membership in the Ionian Society

      •  For any two people applying together: GBP £30 annually.

Benefits of Membership

 Satisfaction of supporting the Aims and Objectives of the Ionian Society.

 Regular announcements of the Society's public events.

 Invitations to the Society's private functions, particularly the annual Christmas Dinner-Dance.

Apply for Membership


    * Either fill in the on-line application form and submit it.

    * Or print the application form and post it to us.

    * Either way, you have our Promise of Privacy.

Please feel free to Contact us if you have any questions.

We will be pleased to receive your application for membership.